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Services Provided

Aero-Sphere is your own private flight department without the daily distraction from the FAA, Pilots and accountants. We will serve you through every aspect of aircraft ownership, insurance, operational control, accounting, maintenance, pilots and crew, fuel contracts, hangar space, and trip planning and dry leases. You simply let us know when and where you want to fly and we make it happen. You have private parking and ramp service, no security checkpoints, absolutely nothing to be worried about, you will have the transparency as if it were your flight department. You retain operational control for all flights as the operator and you are always in control of your own aircraft.  You also have the ability to lease your aircraft to a “known” quantity and have the quality control to approve other operators (leasers) to utilize your aircraft, reducing your overhead ownership cost.




We only crew our aircraft with factory trained pilots that exceed the FAA standard for commercial operations and hold the pilots to a professional standard.  We are proud members of the NBAA and all our activities and pilot training are endorsed by the NBAA and FAA.  Our flight department is inspected by the FAA annually. Our pilots are trained annually from the leaders in pilot training, CAE in Dallas. We also have staff that can manage the accounting and regulations to keep your aircraft airworthy IAW the FAA and part 25.  All pilots and staff are employees/contractors of Aero-Sphere, Inc., so you do not have any of the personnel or payroll to deal with, yet you always have the final say on what crew you want flying your aircraft.  As an aircraft owner you are responsible to have qualified crew to fly our aircraft. We provide and supply pilots that you personally interview and approve.  Flight training cost is a direct pass through, no mark up or fees.

In the Shop

We oversee the care and maintenance of your aircraft.  While giving you the option of Factory maintenance or third party providers, we give you the choice.  We encourage owners to use the manufacture maintenance but we also have great working relationships with companies like West Star, Sierra Industries and Thornton Aircraft Services.  We hold the maintenance accountable and demand the best from the best.  We do not markup any maintenance, it’s a direct pass through to you.  You only pay for the actual costs of the parts and labor you incur.



Coverage & Liability

We work hard for your money, we find you the best insurance at a negotiated rate that you cannot find anywhere else.  We only used named pilots on your insurance policy so that it reduces cost.  We work with a local agent and get you the discounts that you deserve.

Cost Tracking & Expenses

Owning aircraft is costly. We believe that the accounting and cost reporting for your aircraft must be thorough and completely transparent. We provide a very comprehensive set of monthly reports that show where every dollar is spent. Everything is always transparent. We employ a CPA firm so you know that Aero-Sphere isn’t hiding anything.  The CPA firm also works directly with your CPA to ensure the best tax advantage.


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