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We Are Here To Serve You

Aero-Sphere started as a Jet/Turbo-Prop Management company in California.  A full service turn-key flight operations management company we provide a safe, secure, and practical approach to management.  With your pocketbook in mind, we use the FAA’s highest standards to operate, schedule, provide flight crews, and hangar your aircraft. Management rates as low as $1500/month. Let us provide a quote, you won’t be disappointed.

We are proud members of the NBAA since 2010.



Why Are We The Best?

Our approach has consistently resulted in an overall cost of ownership that is significantly below industry averages. We are able to provide an extremely high level of customer satisfaction because we are a small group of professionals dedicated to personalized service.
Aero-Sphere is your own private flight department without the daily distraction from the FAA, Pilots and accountants. We will serve you through every aspect of aircraft ownership, insurance, operational control, accounting, maintenance, pilots and crew, fuel contracts, hangar space, and trip planning and dry leases. You simply let us know when and where you want to fly and we make it happen.
Our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of aircraft ownership. We strive to develop personal long lasting relationships with our clients. We will take time to understand your unique needs and then custom tailor a program for you.



Simply let us know when and where you want to fly and we will make it happen.



We plan, manage, and oversee the care and maintenance of your aircraft.


Cost Tracking

We provide a completely comprehensive set of monthly reports to account for every dollar.

Ready to fly?