November Special: Discounted Rate for Multi-Engine Time

During the month of November, Aero-Sphere is offering a special, discounted hourly rate on Duchess N19U. Take advantage of the best flight training deal out there! Purchase a block of 10 hours of multi-engine time in N19U for only $189.99 per hour (plus tax)*. Save $20/hr over our regular rate -- That's a saving of $200 toward [...]

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ForeFlight Features to add to Airspace Awareness

ForeFlight has created tremendous advances in situational awareness for pilots and the polygon feature certainly adds to the possibilities.   Recently, ForeFlight introduced a new feature that allows users to easily upload custom shapes onto ForeFlight maps. These custom shapes, or polygons, can be useful for many purposes but their ability to highlight important airspace [...]

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N6587E has Arrived CE172N 160 HP

Aero-Sphere is happy to introduce N6578E, our latest addition to our fleet. This plane will be joining our fleet of single-engine aircrafts, along with our N738HD and N737JR. This Cessna 172N fleet is perfect for honing in on your aviation skills. We plan on making some modifications to the N6758E to create a better experience for [...]

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Carb Fires!!!!! Suck-um Up

The engine primer system may be one of the most mis-understood controls in the cockpit. On these cold winter days, with overnight temperatures in Colorado sometimes dipping into the single digits, when you’re trying to start a cantankerous piston engine. Primer is your friend, but if you don’t treat it and use it correctly, it [...]

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Teenage Flight Training Can Turn into a Career

Throughout the last few years, while many industries have been showing less availability for positions for recent graduates, the aviation industry has been seeing something quite different. There is a large hiring need for certified flight instructors, pilots, and co-pilots. Having experience in teenage flight training, Aero-Sphere will be attending the Erie High School Aviation [...]

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Multi-Engine Rating: Now at Aero-Sphere

Getting a Multi-Engine rating opens the gates to new and exciting side of aviation.  In general, high-performance and long-range aircraft have more than one engine. This rating gives you the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively control a multiple engine aircraft with retractable gear.   We at Aero-Sphere Inc, are happy to say that we [...]

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Flying in Winter: What You Need to Know

If you’re in Colorado where we are, then you know that we see ol’ man winter every year. In general aviation, winter means something different than to the commercial operators. When the storm arrives, it typically mean were grounded and our planes stay locked up in hangars. Here at our Colorado flight school, we keep [...]

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Aero-Sphere x Skylarq Digital

About a year ago, we decided to take charge of our online presence and give our customers an easy-to-follow experience that would welcome them in. We knew we wanted to engage with our customers and provide them with the answers they needed, but we didn't exactly know how to do that. That's when we met the guys over [...]

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What You Should Know For Your Student Pilot’s Certificate

As of April 1, 2016 a new rule by the FAA which changes the way student pilots are issued their pilot certificates. No longer will a student pilot get their certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner, but will instead apply either through a FAA-designated pilot examiner, a CFI, an airman certification representative associated with a Part 141 flight [...]

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FAA Offers Incentive to Equip Aircraft with ADS-B

Whats the incentive? U.S. Transportation announced a $500 rebate incentive for General Aviation (GA) aircraft owners who equip their aircraft with required avionics technology.  Accelerating compliance is critical to ensuring that pilots, manufacturers, and retail facilities have adequate time and capacity to equip aircraft in a timely and efficient manner, ahead of a 2020 regulatory deadline. What [...]

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